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The Present Age Volume 4 / No. 9 December 2018


Celebrating Christmas – on the Meditative Path of the Michael School

The Year as an Archetype of the Activity of the Human Soul
Commentaries on Rudolf Steiner’s Soul Calendar verses​ by Monica von Miltitz

The Three Kings
Martin Meyer

Isis-Sophia – Reflections at Christmas
The New Isis Legend for Our Time
T.H. Meyer

Chartres, 9/11, Financial Fraud, and the story of Gideon
Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts by T.H. Meyer (Part One)

China and the West in the Light of the TAO
Lecture by T.H. Meyer at the Scala, Basel, 5 September 2018

Progressives versus Libertarians … and Threefolding
The division of American politics and the possibility or impossibility of overcoming it
Andreas Bracher

The Coming Poetry of Life
Part Two
Martin Barkhoff

December Calendar

The Madonna of Stalingrad
Dr. Christin Schaub

The Death of Count Keyserlingk
by Countess Johanna von Keyserlingk

Christmas Festival Thoughts as a Social Impulse
Reflections by Bruno Krüger




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